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About The Member

About Membership

The center solicits membership among those who endorse the center's objectives and are able to cooperate with its activities. To register as a member, please use the "Application to Join" page.
Please read the Overview of Membership Solicitation and Member Policies. Membership requires the approval of the Board of Governors. Please note that some time may pass before notification of the status of application for membership is given.

Membership Types

The center has a two-tiered membership structure, as shown below, with only one type of members having voting rights in the Steering Committee, which is the center's top decision-making body.

Membership type Description the right to vote
Full members
Members of the Society of Japanese Aerospace Companies and of the EDI Center Yes
Supporting members Members of the Society of Japanese Aerospace Companies and of another EDI center No

Advantages of Membership

Members of the center are entitles to the following privileges.

  1. Free upgrades for the software managed by the center
  2. Access via e-mail, etc., to information on the status of EDI activities, bug reports, etc.
  3. Participation in discussions, decisions, and planning for standard EDI policies, system revisions, etc.

Member Duties

The responsibilities and duties of the center's members are as follows.

1. Payment of fees as indicated below

Type Category(sales volume) Annual fees
Order-placing company More than 250 billion yen 200 shares
50 to 250 billion yen 100 shares
Less than 50 billion yen 40 shares
Order-receiving company Company hosting EDI server - 40 shares
Web-EDI/ batch-receiving system More than 1 billion yen 20 shares
100 million to 1 billion yen 10 shares
Less than 100 million yen 1 share
Other - 1 share

・The fees (amount per share) are revised annually on the basis of income for the previous fiscal year. In 2001, one share was 10,000 yen
・The type named "Other" is for members conducting no EDI transactions with order-placing companies, or transacting orders via fax.

2. Compliance withthe Aerospace Industry EDI Center Member Policies, given below

Aerospace Industry EDI Center Member Policies

Article 1. Objective of Aerospace Industry EDI Center Member Policies
The Society of Japanese Aerospace Companies (hereafter referred to as This Society) shall set up an Aerospace Industry EDI Center (hereafter referred to as Aerospace Industry EDI Center) to promote the standardization of electronic data interchange related to ordering activities in the Aerospace industry., as well as maintain, improve, and spread the standard methods established (hereafter referred to as Aerospace Industry Standard EDI Protocols).
This Policies prescribes items related to the members of the EDI center members.

Article 2. Agreement on Member Policies and Application of Policies
This Policies is applied to the users of this service (hereafter referred to as Members). When applying for membership to the EDI Center, members shall read beforehand the Aerospace industry EDI center members recruitment details and Aerospace industry EDI center policies (hereafter referred to as This Policies) issued by This Society and accept the contents.

Article 3. Categorization of Members
3.1 Members of the center are categorized as follows.
3.1.1 Society members Members of This Society who support the objectives of the EDI Center and collaborate with its activities.
3.1.2 Supporting members Members other than society members who support the objectives of the EDI Center and collaborate with its activities. 
3.2 Supporting members are able to participate in the EDI Center Steering Committee composed of society members (hereafter called Steering Committee) and make comments. They however cannot participate in decision-making.

Article 4. Registration for Membership
4.1 Those wishing to join the EDI Center shall enter the designated details at the Membership Registration Screen posted by the EDI Center and obtain approval of the board meeting.
4.1.1 Membership Registration shall be company, group, and organization.
4.1.2 Individual members shall apply for membership from the standpoint of companies, groups, and organizations.
4.1.3 Member administrator shall be set down as a unit of Registration to serve as a role to register, maintain, and discontinue corporate information.
4.1.4 The latest accurate information shall be entered at the designated membership Registration particulars.
4.1.5 Applicants shall transfer the annual fees prescribed to the secretariat within two months by the designated method.

Article 5. Approval of Membership
5.1 Applicants shall be accepted as provisional members at the time of membership application
5.1.1 Applications shall be screened by the executive committee. When provisional approval of the membership is issued, the secretariat sends the invoice. Once the applicant transfers the designated annual fees within two months, membership as a formal member is approved from the point of receiving the payment. 
5.1.2 If the applicant does not transfer the annual fees even after two months since the invoice was sent, the application is taken to have been canceled, the ID is canceled, and membership thereafter may be rejected.
5.1.3 If an applicant has withdrawn from membership in the past due to violation of This Policies and is found to have filled in false information at the designated application particulars, or if the executive committee of the EDI Center (hereafter referred to as Executive Committee) deems membership of the applicant to be inappropriate, membership can be rejected.

Article 6 Management of ID and Password
6.1 When an applicant enters the designated details at the Membership Application screen and agrees to This Policies, the EDI Center membership ID shall be issued and sent to the e-mail address filled in by the applicant during application.
6.1.1 The ID and password shall be managed by members at their full responsibility.
6.1.2 Responsibility for damages resulting from the inappropriate management of ID and password shall be borne fully by the concerned member. The EDI Center shall bear no responsibility whatsoever.
6.1.3 In the event an ID or password is stolen or leaked to a third party, the secretariat shall be informed at once by the earliest possible means.

Article 7. Services
7.1 The EDI Center provides the following services.
7.1.1 Disclosure and download of new Aerospace Industry Standard EDI Protocols and program Members can download and use these, in which case, the licensing prescribed separately will be required.
7.1.2 Notification of revision of Aerospace Industry Standard EDI Protocols
7.1.3 Delivery of information on situation of EDI activities and defectiveness by email
7.1.4 Acceptance of proposals on expansion and revision of Aerospace Industry Standard EDI Protocols
7.1.5 Other notices from secretariat

Article 8. Prohibited Acts of Members
8.1Members are prohibited from the following acts.
8.1.1 Acts violating the copyright or other rights of other members and EDI Center.
8.1.2 Acts violating or which might violate the assets or privacy of other members, EDI Center, and secretariat.
8.1.3 Acts which slander or abuse other members, EDI Center, executive committee, and secretariat.
8.1.4 Entry and indication of false information.
8.1.5 Acts deemed by the EDI Center to be against the purpose of installing the EDI Center.

Article 9. Use and Disclosure of Registered Information
9.1 The EDI Center is able use registered information for its purpose.
9.1.1The EDI Center shall not disclose the registered information to third parties other than the member without the members permission.

Article 10. Prohibition of Re-Distribution of Information Provided
Members are able to browse and download information provided including the Aerospace industry standard EDI stipulations and programs provided by the EDI Center and use this information in their own activities, but they cannot provide the information including the downloaded Aerospace industry standard EDI stipulations and programs to third parties whether charged or free or charge without a separate agreement.

Article 11. Notification to Official Members
11.1 Notifications from the secretariat to official members shall be done by methods deemed appropriate by the secretariat including email and posting at the EDI Center unless prescribed separately in This Policies.
11.2 In the event the secretariat posts a notification as a general notification at the EDI Center, it shall be taken that notification to members has completed at the point the notification was posted.
11.3 In the event the notification in the preceding paragraph is done by email, at the point the notification is sent to the email addresses registered by official members at the time of application (or email address changed to after application), it shall be taken that notification to official members has completed by the secretariat.
11.4 In the event the secretariat notifies official members by one of the above methods, unless the official members raise an objection, it shall be taken that the official members have agreed to the contents of the notifications after one week from the date of notification.

Article 12. Withdrawal, Etc.
12.1 Members may be asked to withdraw in the event they violate This Policies and cause damage to third parties including the EDI Center or other members.
12.2 In the event of withdrawal, the concerned member shall enter the designated particulars at the Request for Withdrawal Screen posted at the EDI Center. The member shall be taken to have withdrawn from the desired date of withdrawal entered in at this screen.
12.3 Annual memberships already remitted shall not be returned.

Article 13. Disclaimers       
The EDI Center shall bear no responsibility whatsoever for delays, changes, suspensions, discontinuation, loss of information registered or provided through this service, and damages to users or third parties generated in related to other services.

Article 14. Others
In the event of disputes over this service between members and the EDI Center, these shall be deliberated in good faith between the concerned parties.

Supplementary Provisions

1. These provisions shall be enforced from April 1, 2001
2. This Policies can be eliminated through the executive committee.